**Some needs**
.. req:: My first requirement
   :status: open
   :tags: requirement; test; awesome

   This is my **first** requirement!!
   .. note:: You can use any rst code inside it :)

.. spec:: Specification of a requirement
   :id: OWN_ID_123
   :links: R_F4722

   Outgoing links of this spec: :need_outgoing:`OWN_ID_123`.

.. impl:: Implementation for specification
   :id: IMPL_01
   :links: OWN_ID_123

   Incoming links of this spec: :need_outgoing:`IMPL_01`.

.. test:: Test for XY
   :status: implemented
   :tags: test; user_interface; python27
   :links: OWN_ID_123; impl_01

   This test checks :need:`impl_01` for :need:`OWN_ID_123` inside a
   Python 2.7 environment.

**Linking inside text**

As :need:IMPL_01 shows, the linked :need:OWN_ID_123 is realisable.

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.. needfilter::
   :tags: test

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.. needfilter::
   :tags: test
   :status: implemented; open
   :layout: table

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.. needfilter::
   :layout: diagram

This will be rendered to:

Some needs

Requirement: My first requirement (R_F4722)
status: open
tags: requirement; test; awesome
links incoming: OWN_ID_123
links outgoing: None

This is my first requirement!!


You can use any rst code inside it :)

Specification: Specification of a requirement (OWN_ID_123)
links incoming: T_C3893, IMPL_01
links outgoing: R_F4722

Outgoing links of this spec: R_F4722.

Implementation: Implementation for specification (IMPL_01)
links incoming: T_C3893
links outgoing: OWN_ID_123

Incoming links of this spec: T_C3893.

Test Case: Test for XY (T_C3893)
status: implemented
tags: test; user_interface; python27
links incoming: None
links outgoing: OWN_ID_123, IMPL_01

This test checks Implementation for specification (IMPL_01) for Specification of a requirement (OWN_ID_123) inside a Python 2.7 environment.

Linking inside text

As Implementation for specification (IMPL_01) shows, the linked Specification of a requirement (OWN_ID_123) is realisable.

Filter result as list

Used filter: tags(test)

Filter result as table

Used filter: status(implemented OR open) AND tags(test)

ID Title Type Status Links Tags
T_C3893 Test for XY Test Case implemented OWN_ID_123; IMPL_01 test; user_interface; python27
R_F4722 My first requirement Requirement open requirement; test; awesome

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